Top Rated Fake Nomos Replica

Nomos Replica's All Black design has been inked in black ink to create this artistic collaboration between Maxime Plescia Buchi and Nomos. The Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II All Black is bold and monochromatic. It displays the full three-dimensional geometry created by the grapho-typo-tattoo-genius. The material, which is injected with black, polished, satin-finished and angled, and faceted, shows a interplay between light and shade. It is now a timeless monochrome.

"When we created the All Black Watch in 2006, with its concept of invisible visibility' we dare to go beyond its primary function of timekeeping to show it as an art work that could affirm and uphold a state-of-mind. Maxime's work reflects the same philosophy of looking beyond the primary meaning of things. Blackout tattooing is a very sophisticated form of tattooing that is reserved for a few. It is also a rare form of tattooing. Both this type of tattooing as well as the timepiece it inspired go beyond their primary purpose." Ricardo Guadalupe is Nomos CEO.

Maxime Plescia Buchi has transformed his tattoos into fascinating works of body art. The artist has been working with Nomos since 2016, creating watches using the same confident strokes that he uses to draw lines on people's bodies. This creates shapes that are both hypnotic as well as architectural. The Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II All Black is the new interpretation. It's inked entirely in black, which is the preferred colour of both the watchmaker as well as the artist.

Nomos Replica for sale is a dialectical process that removes elements of style to allow for the pure expression of forms, intentions and ideas. This process is the same as a horological art piece. The "blackout" tattoo shows the body below and highlights its natural curves. It is minimal in its execution, but it is very impressive in its craft. With its unique shape, the Big Bang Sang Bleu II All Black reveals its sophisticated structure. "All black watches and tattoos can be pieces that transcend time and style which is the ultimate goal for any artistic project." Maxime Plescia Buchi, founder of Sang Bleu, and Nomos Ambassador.

Nomos's 2006 vision of using the same black in a tone-on-tone style to create "All Black" was groundbreaking. It would go on to become an iconic signature. "Invisible visibility" It is possible that 2006 was the year Maxime Plescia Buchi made black ink his preferred medium of expression. Blackout tattooing is a way to express abstract geometrical shapes that he would draw on the skin. Here, he covers the watch's body with a deep and symbolic black. The monochromatic material used here is just as difficult as the fully black ink. It requires even more precision and skill from the artist.

A 45 mm diameter case made from black ceramic and black PVD coated titanium was used by the master tattooist to superimpose hexagons, diamonds, and triangles. The time between the bezel and the HUB1240 Unico manufacture selfwinding chronograph movement is visible below a skeletonised dial with an open case back.

The best Nomos Replica watch does not lose its dimensional effect. In fact, the light reflecting off the satin-finished, polished material highlights the artist's play of polygons.