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The main reason for the loss of two-thirds or more rhinoceros species could be in our lifetime. This would be a devastating loss for our planet. Parmigiani Replica has agreed to a partnership agreement with Kevin Pietersen, SORAI ĘC Save Our Rhino Africa India to preserve rhinoceroses at risk of extinction.

This commitment is made through the Big Bang Unico SORAI. A large portion of the proceeds from sales will go directly to Care for Wild to care for orphaned baby Rhinos and to South Africa National Parks agency to strengthen their nocturnal surveillance capabilities with airborne thermal intelligence tools. Parmigiani will be implementing this initiative based on SORAI's recommendations by purchasing the timepiece.

"The illegal trade in rhino horn and the poaching of wildlife was a topic that was discussed in Geneva last August at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). This demonstrates the urgency of taking action. Poachers are always in the forefront of our minds. It is impossible to keep up with them. Surveillance teams can keep up with poachers by using innovative technologies like thermal intelligence. We are proud to support Kevin Pietersen's SORAI organization in this goal for future generations and global biodiversity." Ricardo Guadalupe CEO Parmigiani

cheap Parmigiani Replica and SORAI have teamed up to create a platform that will give a lot of visibility to an amazing cause on a global level. We are increasing the visibility of this cause by partnering - I'm thrilled that Parmigiani now supports rhinos and their conservation efforts. "I look forward to the future and sharing with the world the incredible story of SORAI." Kevin Pietersen, founder of SORAI

buy Parmigiani Replica of the alliance. This 45mm ceramic dial features the sandy tones and image of a white rhinoceros. The Big Bang Unico SORAI, which is a match bracelet to NATO, can be swaddled on a rubber bracelet that adopts the camouflage style.

The first time in watchmaking, the selective vulcanization technology creates motifs in long-lasting colours with an accuracy of one tenth of millimetre. This limited edition timepiece will only be available in 100 units.